To understand the condition of a structure or specific element, a comprehensive and specific intrusive and/or non-intrusive testing regime should be implemented. At Structural Investigation Services we operate and maintain a vast fleet of in-house testing equipment and undertake various testing methods to steel, masonry and concrete in accordance with approved British Testing Standards. Our in-house technical procedures ensure clear and precise data is obtained and interpreted to the asset’s owner.

Our civil teams are also experienced in undertaking various aspects of ground investigations along with the associated sampling and testing.

All laboratory testing of our obtained material samples are undertaken by UKAS-accredited and audited laboratories, ensuring quality and accuracy throughout.

Testing and NDT

  • Routine Concrete Testing (CS 464)
  • Reinforcement Cover/ Mapping Surveys
  • Half-Cell Potential Mapping & Contours
  • Resistivity Testing
  • Carbonation Testing
  • Post-Tension Investigations (PTSI – CS 465)
  • Concrete and Grout Sampling and Testing
  • Concrete and Masonry Diamond Coring and Sampling
  • Pavement Coring
  • Visual Condition Survey of Pavements (VCS)
  • Waterproof Testing
  • Ultra-sonic Pulse Velocity (UPV), Echo Rebound and Schmidt Hammer Testing
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Ultrasonic Concrete and Steel Testing
  • MPI/UT/MT Steel and Weld Testing
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer testing (DCP)
  • Falling Weight Deflectometer Testing (FWD)
  • Cathodic Protection Works (CP)
  • Pull-out / Pull-off Testing
  • Internal Fracture Testing
  • BRE Screed testing
  • Balustrade & Barrier Testing
  • Commercial Shelving Compliance Testing
  • Area Load, Plate Load & Point Load Testing
  • Lift Beam Load Testing
  • In-site Hardness Testing of Metal Samples (LEEB)
  • Slab Load Investigations (and structural engineer calculations)
  • Wall Tie Surveys
  • Rolling Straight Edge Survey
  • Laying Records

Full UKAS Laboratory Testing Including:

  • Concrete and Grout Chloride Content
  • Cement Content
  • Mix Details
  • Sulphate Content
  • Alkali Content
  • Alkali Silica reaction Testing (ASR)
  • HAC Determination
  • Compressive and Tensile Strengths
  • Petrography